When negotiations have not resulted in a satisfactory conclusion, Linacre's experience in ADR and arbitration permits us to assist our Clients in a variety of ways.

Our considerable experience of the entire arbitration process is invaluable in the preparation and presentation of and responses to claim submissions and in adjudication, conciliation, arbitration and litigation processes.

We have experience of managing live projects and in preparing and defending claims under a wide variety of standard contract forms and client-specific conditions.

This experience permits us to assist clients in:

Selecting legal advisors
Obtaining focused legal advice
Selecting adjudicators or arbitrators
Preparing and databasing documentary evidence
Preparing submissions
Preparing supporting graphics for hearings

Due to the nature of our work, confidentiality and security of our Clients' information is of prime importance to us; consequently we have ensured that our premises and data storage systems are well protected against physical or electronic intrusion and accidental loss.
We are included on the Data Protection Register and operate in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Project Management Consultants

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